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George Lucas’ Beach Home Construction Approved


As noted in numerous online resources (but most humorously here), George Lucas is the owner of a Padaro Lane beachfront home along the Santa Barbara coast.

Consisting of 1.7 acres with a vast 162′ of beach frontage, the property Mr. Lucas purchased for $19,500,000 in December 2010 is the largest beachfront property on the sand of Padaro Lane.  (While a number of parcels on Padaro Lane have greater acreage than that owned by Lucas, none of those are situated right on the sand with the easy beach access enjoyed from the Lucas property.)  By beachfront standards, the 162′ of beach frontage at the Lucas property is already extremely substantial, but the lay of the Lucas land makes the property feel like it actually has at least twice that much.  This is because the homes on both sides of the Lucas property sit way back from the beach, leaving only their pretty landscaping in sight.

Plans to demolish the existing structures and construct anew have now been approved and should begin within the next few months.  (A neighbor’s appeal of the approved project has been withdrawn, so there are no impediments to the project at this point.)  Architect Ken Mineau of Appleton & Associates, Inc. of Santa Barbara has designed the new home for the property, which can be characterized as “San Ysidro Ranch at the beach” in a comfortable and casual Cape Cod style. The approved plans include:

– a new 3,818 sq.ft. residence with 738 sq.ft. basement

– a new 653 sq.ft. garage with 341 sq.ft. accessory storage space above

– a new pool to replace the former lap pool

– a new accessory structure composed of a 1,017 sq.ft. gym and 485 sq.ft. pool cabana, with a 723 sq.ft. guest house above

– a new 532 sq.ft. trellis, entry gates and landscaping.

In all, the total new square footage will contain 7,806 sq.ft, compared with the existing 5,538 sq.ft. presently on site.

Padaro Lane, already termed “The New Gold Coast” by the Wall Street Journal, will be enhanced further by this exciting new home.